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Dear Partner:

The Labor of Love Association invites you to be a sponsor for our annual initiative –The Heart to Heart Concert –“Healthy Praise for Healthy Hearts” to be held at Peter Norton Symphony Space in New York City.  This concert will focus on promoting healthy heart awareness in support of The American Heart Association.  It will be an inspirational concert designed to touch the hearts of the masses.  Also on the program, Labor of Love will honor selected individuals that have either survived serious heart ailment or have worked tirelessly from the heart in their various fields to make a difference in their communities.

The evening will include an exciting musical concert of uplifting songs and inspirational words that promote positive living. The concert will feature performances from professional and local talent who will entertain with a mix of inspirational, contemporary and traditional gospel music.  


With this event, Labor of Love will seek to broaden awareness of heart disease by initiating dialogue beginning with the concert attendees, their families and communities.   We desire to help everyone realize that “knowing what to do” can save your life. Today our energies are often directed to managing careers, business endeavors, and the many  activities of a busy family life.  Unfortunately, we sometimes neglect our health and physical being. Statistics show that coronary heart disease is the No. 1 killer in America.

However, simply eliminating ignorance with the promotion of knowledge and development of a healthy lifestyle can stop this killer.

Labor of Love seeks sponsors and marketing partners that will join with us as we promote healthy heart awareness in an uplifting atmosphere of joyous praise. The enclosed information will outline how you can get involved in this great cause. Please be advised that wherever possible, we will customize or tailor any of these concepts more specifically to your company’s philanthropic initiatives. After reviewing the enclosed materials, please contact us if you require additional information.

The Heart to Heart concert will be a “joyful event” when all of our many hands join together for this common good. It is our hope that you will be one of those hands.
Thank you.

In Appreciation for your support,
Hallia J. Baker

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