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Alson Levere Farley Jr.

Alson Levere Farley Jr. was born in Harlem, New York, and is a musician, singer, producer, teacher, and speaker. From an early age, Alson found himself drawn to anything musical.


He owes his affinity for music to his mother, who planted that seed in him. She would take him to see the New York philharmonic every week, and it is through that exposure his love for music was born.

Alson, grew up on 126th street in Harlem, NY., where he lived next door to a church. The sounds of praises and music would reverberate throughout his house. The patterns of the snare drum, the tones from the organ and the melodies that came forth, inspired him.

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There was such a distinct sound that came from the church, especially from the Pastor, the incomparable Evangelist Dorothy Baker! As a matter of fact, Alson’s first time singing in front of an audience was because of The Bakers. There was an undeniable impact left on him. They were more than neighbors. They were family and a major catalyst for his musical upbringing.


The first instrument Alson started playing was the drums, like his father. By the age of eight, he gravitated towards the guitar and finally learned how to play the piano by 10. Playing the piano seemed to come naturally to Alson, and the ironic thing was, he did not have a piano to practice on at home. He would jump on the organ after church services on Sunday and begin to play. The congregants were amazed at his musicality, but the church organist admonished him about playing the organ one day. Alson was crushed and disheartened to know he could no longer play on the organ, so he decided to ask his dad for a keyboard. His dad agreed and bought him a little Casio keyboard, and the rest is history.


For the next 30+ years, Alson served in various capacities in the music field. Having much experience as a Church music director, he found ways to weave multiple music genres, music from around the world, Broadway musicals, jazz, and classical music, into "his" form of gospel music. It's an eclectic mixture and a sound to behold, especially when done on a Hammond organ.


Alson believes in the word "Gospel." It means to spread the good news. He intends to spread the good news everywhere that he goes. His passion and zeal for music have afforded him opportunities to travel across the United States and various parts of the world. In 2019, he traveled twice to Madrid, Spain, where he met and fell in love with the people there. In return, they fell in love with him and his music. They are considered family to him now, and he cannot wait until the world opens up again so that he can return to his second family.


Alson currently has two singles out - "He Chose Me" and "I'm Healed." Considering the current climate, we are in with the pandemic, I'm Healed is a very timely song. Alson's music is available on all digital platforms and, despite being an independent artist, his songs have reached 25 countries.


Presently, Alson is working on his first book, detailing his experiences as a gospel artist, and he is putting the finishing touches on his first album. Next month, he will be releasing an EP entitled, “The Road To Pentecost.” He is excited to share his musical gift with the world, so get ready to hear much more from him very soon!

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