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The Richard Curtis Singers

The Richard Curtis Singers is a gospel singing group based in the Bronx, New York that has been traveling and singing for the Lord since 1989. This group is comprised of three sisters and two brothers whose hearts are set simply on praising the Lord through the gift of music. Truly understanding this gift that God has given them, they thank Him for choosing them as vessels. Lena, Richard Jr., Jennifer, Raymond, and Kimberly love the Lord with all of their heart, and they sing because they love to glorify and worship the Lord in song. When performing, their main goal is to enrich the lives of everyone they touch.


The Richard Curtis Singers do not only have a heart just for singing gospel music, but for ministry as well. Nothing makes them feel happier and more fulfilling than to help teach, lead, and guide the youth in their home church, Gospel Mission Ministries, Inc (Bronx, NY), under the leadership of Bishop Richard W. Curtis Sr.—their biological as well as spiritual father.

Richard Curtis Singers

The Richard Curtis Singers have also performed in concerts, churches, special events, and have made television appearances throughout the New York Metropolitan Area and abroad. The group has also won first and second place prizes in various talent competitions, including the world-famous Apollo Theater’s Amateur Night in 1993. They appeared on Singsation Gospel Television Show which aired December 19, 1993, and July 3, 1994, on C.B.S. Channel 2 in New York. The group performed in the Barnum Festival which presented Bobby Jones Gospel Explosion celebrating 1994 The Year of Gospel Music in live telecast. They also appeared on Kids Got Talent Show at the Jenny Jones Show in 1997. The Richard Curtis Singers also did a two-week tour in Spain July 5-15, 1994, performing in Barcelona and Madrid with the New York All-City High School Chorus. They also performed in Washington D.C. at The Bobby Jones Youth Explosion on July 13-16, 1995.


God has not only anointed them to sing as a group, but they lead Praise & Worship in their church, and are also anointed musicians. Lena plays the piano; Richard Jr. plays the drums as well as the bass guitar. Jennifer plays the piano and drums, Raymond plays the lead guitar and drums, and Kimberly plays the piano and drums. In 1996 the Richard Curtis Singers released their first album entitled “Pure Gold” and in April 2012, they released their second album project entitled “Brand New”. With their new single “He’s All I Need” currently available on all media outlets, the Richard Curtis Singers are looking forward to releasing their third studio album in the near future.

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