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The Singing Pastors of Piscataway

It was not by circumstance that twelve years ago God placed in the township of Piscataway four talented Pastors who loved to sing God's praises.


After performing separately at a concert, each realized that God had placed them in this part of His vineyard for such a time as this.

This purpose was not only to preach and teach. but to sing and proclaim the Power of God through song. It was a beautiful thing to see.., said the Pastors. Since each of us had previously been a part of a quartette group we bonded immediately.


We made plans to meet and find out if our schedules would even allow us time, even to do this. Once we began to make plans, God gave us the confirmation that His musical Word would go forth. Thus, The Singing Pastors of Piscataway were organized in 1994. Realizing the effect that music has upon the molding of the mind and the lifting of the spirits, the Singing Pastors embarked upon a ministry of transforming the preached Word into the gospel song. Our mission is to spread the love of Jesus Christ and to witness His saving grace through the testimony of music. Their motto is" We are ordained to preach, but compelled to sing".


Over the years the Pastors have traveled extensively lifting the name of Jesus through song. They are excited about the release of this their first CD and are prayerful that this effort will change lives and save souls.


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