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Bro. Richard Page

Ever since a young lad Richard was drawn to music.

At the tender age of 6 he performed his first organ solo. And by the time he was 13, he became a full-time church organist.  He was highly influenced by the “black gospel sound” - listening to artists such as James Cleveland, Maceo Woods, First Church of Deliverance Choir, Clara Ward, and The Famous Caravans.


It wasn’t long before Richard’s skillful playing caught the ear of God’s Man of Faith and Power, Evangelist A. A. Allen.  At age 15 Richard became Evangelist Allen’s church organist at Miracle Valley, Arizona.


Richard’s anointed music blessed the worship services and at age 16 He went on the road to first play for the Allen crusades at Carnegie Hall in Pittsburgh, PA.

Bro Richard Page

Richard became the crusade pianist and organist for afternoon services in A. A. Allen crusades at age of 18. Richard traveled to numerous locations throughout the States and overseas sharing the gospel in song, worship and praise.  A.A. Allen ministries was the epitome of “team players” -- both Richard Page and David Davis co-played for Gene Martin and the Miracle Valley Choir, as well as for all of the revival crusades.  Richard along with Gene Martin, David Davis, David Mangum, and Richard LittleJohn were the instrumental force behind several Allen Ministry recordings.


Richard was a faithful and dedicated organist for A. A. Allen ministries through to his home-going in June 1970.  Richard continued on with the ministry as organist for A. A. Allen’s successor Evangelist Don Stewart, through 1974.  As the years continued Richard extended his talents as a free-lance musician from 1974 - 1980 accompanying ministries including R.W. Schambach, Morris Cerullo, Jimmy Swaggart and David Wilkerson. He played for numerous “Jesus Rallies,” and Charismatic Conferences.  From 1980 - 1992 – he served as Associate Pastor, organist, and band director at Calvary Temple in Irving, Texas with Pastor J. Don George.  Richard also accompanied gospel artists such as James Cleveland, “Big” John Hall, Mahalia Jackson, Dottie Rambo, Andrae Crouch, to name a few.


Yet, Richard’s reach extended even further when he connected with the Late Rev. Edward Hill.  Richard joined Ed Hill Tours coordinating and arranging custom designed travel for Christian groups both small and large.   From 1992 to the present Richard and the Ed Hill team have done over 80 trips to Israel; escorting thousands of pilgrims & tourists to numerous destinations. There’s nothing better than doing what you love with the “one” you love.  Richard is married to Meredith Hill (daughter of the late Rev. Hill) and they work hand-in-hand continuing to operate Ed Hill Tours.


Yet, he continues to play organ or piano in between his tours for various churches at home in South Florida.

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